Mim Goloboff (Hannah)

Mim Goloboff (Hannah) is excited to be portraying Hannah Ferguson in The Spitfire Grill at The Access Theatre Project! Other roles include Hindsight 2020, MRI Day; Clairee, Steel Magnolias; Rebecca Nurse, The Crucible; Sylvia, I Have A Secret; She, Isn’t That Just Like Us; Grandma, Chopping Celery; Mrs. Higgins, My Fair Lady; Sarah, Quilters; Mdme Armfeldt, A Little Night Music; Miss Daisy, Driving Miss Daisy. Mim thanks Leslie Varnick and Jamie Koeth for the continued support. She is proud to be a certified actor in the Michael Chekhov Technique awarded from The Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Consortium.

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